Bodedim B'Yachad

“United Lone Soldiers”

In memory of Avraham Zev Halevi Olive Z”L

Zavi Olive was the epitome of a caring and selfless person. He tragically passed away much too young, yet left behind a legacy for us all to follow.

In his memory, Chayal el Chayal started a new initiative, Bodedim B’Yachad. The goal is to provide lone soldiers with structure and a place where they can feel at home even during their leave of base on the weekends. The program is here to help them build themselves up, in preparation for the Army and for their future, after the army.


Zavi had such a bright future ahead of him, but it was sadly cut short. There are hundreds of lone soldiers serving in the IDF. It is our job to help them protect their own future while they protect ours. We help keep them busy with Pre Army Programs, and provide them with Torah learning. In addition, we also offer guidance and career classes. Their future is in our hands. Our mission is to help them bring out in themselves, what we all loved in Zavi; the beauty of caring for another person.


Bodedim B’yachad is a program that helps our soldiers even before they land in Israel.  We make sure that when they arrive, they have everything they need and a home to go to. We enable them to meet other soldiers, and provide them with events and learning in order to keep them out of trouble. During their Service, they know that they can depend on us for anything they need. They can eat by us, sleep by us, meet other lone soldiers, have activities together, and much more! These things give them something to look forward to. After the army they know they can count on us to help them get back into civilian life. We offer financial and career advice as well as helping them get into schools and Yishivot. Our job is to give back to them.

Our Success is their success, and that is the reason we are here. We want to see every one of these lone soldiers have a very successful life both psychically and spiritually. This is a program that takes the value of caring that  Zavi Olive O”BM possessed, and brings it out to its fullest.


Some of the programs Bodedim B’yachad offers include:

  • Weekly BBQ and learning classes
  • Shabbatons
  • Pre drafting parties
  • Hikes to enjoy, learn and gain a love for the land
  • Post army events
  • Birthday Parties
  • and much more


For more information please email or call Ari at 058.558.8464.

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