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Chayal el Chayal, Soldier to Soldier, is a soldier’s home away from home. Connecting every lone soldier – Chayal Boded, providing them with a family atmosphere where they can grow, as well as build a strong lasting connection with each other and the land of Israel.


Chayal el Chayal is an organization for Chayalim Bodedim, Lone Soldiers, that is there to nurture and nourish soldiers in all aspects of life, both physically and spiritually. Offering soldiers weekly Shabbat meals, holiday programs, sleeping accommodations, clean laundry, one on one counseling and much more, this program is one of a kind and unique in its field.


Drafting as a Lone Soldier into the IDF is one of the biggest challenges our boys and girls will face. They will ask themselves, What do I do when I get to Israel? Where can a drafting Lone Soldier stay? What is the process to join the IDF? These are just to name a few of the many questions that we at Chayal el Chayal are equipped to answer.


Chayal el Chayal thrives on its united, warm, welcoming family. Our main goal is to provide a home filled with love, care and support for our lone soldiers, a place where they can come to. Our family consists of pre, present and past soldiers who had just these question and are here to help. Our directors Ari Abramowitz and Mordy Botnick are both former lone soldiers who have seen it all and are fully prepared to properly care for the new draftees. We at Chayal el Chayal are constantly working with pre and current lone soldiers to make their life in the IDF as easy as possible. Chayal el Chayal also takes pride in providing former Lone Soldiers with a program to help them transition into civilian life.

Thanks to Chayal El Chayal, soldiers never need to  worry about Shabbat and Holiday arrangements. Every Shabbat and Holiday, we provide a gourmet, home-cooked meal that not only fills them with delicious Shabbat delicacies, but also gives them an environment where they can feel at home. Connect, recharge and  meet fellow soldiers and, most importantly grow spiritually through the Shabbat experience of singing and words or Torah.


Every Holiday we provide our lone soldiers with a care package whether they are on base or at home with Chayal el Chayal. We want our lone soldiers to always feel that they are in a home environment with a family that loves and cares for them.


  • Rosh Hashana Care Packages
  • Sukkos Care Packages
  • Chanuka Care Packages
  • Purim Care Packages
  • Pesach Care Packages
  • Tu B’Shavat Care Packages

Family for IDF Lone Soldiers

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