Drafting into the IDF as a Lone Soldier, we know the answers to your questions, we are there to help you with whatever you need. We offer one on one guidance, lodging, apartment finding, Shabbat and Holiday meals, Spiritual Guidance, trips around Israel and much more.

Currently in the IDF as a Lone Soldier, we are here for you. Coming to your base and Tekes’s, giving you gear and equipment, Shabbat and Holiday meals, trips and BBQ’s when off base and a listening ear 24 hours a day.

Formerly in the IDF as a Lone Soldier, its all about the everlasting friendship and moving forward in life. Are you looking for a job, degree, Yeshiva or to give back to your community. Chayal el Chayal’s number one priority is to see you succeed and help in every way possible to make you succeed. We have hundreds of connections for school, Yeshiva, jobs and degrees. Our success is your Success.

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