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How does it work?


The IDF Purim Project, together with volunteers at Chayal el Chayal, create 3,000 beautiful Mishloach Manot packages filled with hamantashen and tasty treats.

Once Purim begins, staff, volunteers and former lone soldiers load up their cars with Mishloach Manot and drive all around Israel, handing out packages to soldiers on base.

Want to get involved? Donate Mishloach Manot and write a letter to a soldier.
Spread the joy.

How the IDF Purim Project started


Chayal el Chayal began distributing Mishloach Manot in 2011, giving packages to 30 soldiers.

2012 saw 60 soldiers and 2013 provided 150 soldiers with Purim joy.

2014 when Purim time came around, Chayal el Chayal wanted to create and deliver 400 Mishloach Manot to both Israeli and lone soldiers on base.

They soon realized that 400 was a number far too small and upped it to 1,400.

In 2015, the original goal of 1,400 became 3,000.

2016 brought smiles to 3,000 soldiers faces

In 2017 & 2018 we succeeded in raising funds for 2000 Mishloach Manot.

This year You can help us reach our 3000 Mishloach Manot goal again!


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