Shared the warmth with 1 Lone Soldiers

Be the reason a Lone soldier has a warm bed to sleep in this winter!
Many Lone Soldiers don’t have a heater or even a blanket to keep them warm when they come home from base. You can be their hero by sponsoring essential winter gear that they urgently need. Click here to learn more
  • Partial Winter Gear Package $90
  • Full Winter Gear Packages for 2 Lone Soldiers x2 $360
  • Full Winter Gear Packages for 4 Lone Soldiers x4 $720
  • Full Winter Gear Packages for 6 Lone Soldiers x6 $1,080
  • Full Winter Gear Packages for 10 Lone Soldiers x10 $1,800
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Chayal el Chayal is a US registered 501(c)3 EIN# 47-3833568.
US checks can be made out to Chayal el Chayal. For a Canadian tax receipt, please make checks payable to Machson Tzvi Hersh.
All checks should be mailed to Chayal el Chayal, 479 Viola Rd, Spring Valley NY 10977.

For a limited time, you have a chance to

Share the warmth with a Lone Soldier

Did you know that many Lone Soldiers don't have a heater in their home? It's true. Some don't even have proper blankets to sleep with!
The problem is that many Lone Soldiers don't have even basic household necessities.

After spending weeks on base, a Lone Soldier will come home for Shabbat and within 36 hours he will be back on base again. He doesn't have the time to take care of himself and to buy things like a heater, blankets or even a sweater to keep him warm in the winter. Frankly, even if he did have the time, an army salary is so little that he isn't able to afford it. This means that he is going to spend the winter cold and uncomfortable, and that he won't get the rest and recovery every soldier so badly needs when they come home from base.

Luckily there's now a solution. The Chayal el Chayal Winter Gear Campaign .
With your help, we're making sure that every Lone Soldier gets whatever they need to be warm and comfortable this winter.

Here is some of what you can give a Lone Soldier when you buy him a winter gear package:

  • Heaters & Blankets: So that he can keep his apartment warm and sleep well which means he will be able to rest and recover before returning to base
  • Cozy sweaters and Beanie's:To keep him warm on the go which means he won't get sick
  • Thermal underwear: For wear even under his uniform to stay warm on and off base
  • ​Gloves: So his hands stay warm and don't stiffen which means he will react quicker in an emergency

and the knowledge that you have his back. As a former Lone Soldier, I can tell you firsthand that that's a big deal.

Who is Chayal el Chayal?

Chayal el Chayal is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the Lone Soldiers of the IDF. Our mission is to make every Lone Soldier feel at home in Israel physically, emotionally and spiritually. As former Lone Soldiers ourselves, we understand the difficulties and challenges that Lone Soldiers go through and are in a unique position to help them.

Our philosophy is in our name. Chayal el Chayal (Soldier to Soldier) means that no matter who you are and what you are going through you can find some way to help someone else. This began when our founder Mordy Botnick began taking care of his fellow Lone Soldiers while still being one himself, and continues to this day with our programs being run by Lone Soldiers, for Lone Soldiers.

If you're ready to stand up for our troops and have their backs, then welcome to the team. You're in good company at CEC.