Our dedicated volunteers are indispensable to Chayal el Chayal, allowing us to grow and serve more and more soldiers each year.   Providing the numerous material needs and services for the hundreds of lone soldiers with whom we’ve connected is no small task. The manpower required to set up events, prepare care packages, and cook for Shabbat and holiday meals is often beyond the capacity of Chayal el Chayal’s modest staff.  Fortunately, we have been able to rely on a steady flow of committed volunteers, young men and women from Israel and abroad, who freely give of their time and energy to make a difference for Israel at large, and the IDF in particular. They appreciate the sacrifices that lone soldiers make to come and serve Israel and its people, and how important their contributions are. Our volunteers are an integral part of the our lone soldier community by contributing to the full spectrum of our activities, from routine tasks and management, to special programs and events.


Volunteers come to Chayal el Chayal with a wide array of talents and skills that they are able to apply toward the efficient and economical operation of our growing organization. The experience of seeing the tangible benefits they provide, and the deep, heartfelt appreciation that our lone soldiers have for their efforts is incredibly rewarding.

Coming to Israel? Get involved! Contact Chayal el Chayal and see how you can make a difference for to our entire lone soldier family.

In Israel call 052.613.2170

Email info@idfls.org

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