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Lone Soldier Shabbat & Holiday Meals

“It’s not just a meal, it’s an experience”


Every lone soldier looks forward to an “off weekend”, when they can take leave from their army base. Although it’s a welcome respite from an intense period of army training and service, it sometimes can come with unsettling concerns. “Where will I eat Shabbat meals? Will I have to eat alone in my apartment again?” A few years ago  this was a common dilemma. [Thank G-d,]  Since the establishment of Chayal el Chayal, this is no longer something to worry about for dozens and dozens of lone soldiers.  They now know with certainty that they will be able to eat both Shabbat and holiday meals at Chayal el Chayal, and they will have the greatest, most comfortable time here.
Every Shabbat, we provide gourmet, home-cooked meals for sixty to one hundred soldiers. It not only fills them with traditional Shabbat delicacies, but we also give them a warm atmosphere filled with singing and laughter, where they can meet fellow soldiers and grow spiritually. This is one place where they can feel completely relaxed and at home.

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