Holiday Programs

“There’s nothing like spending Holidays with family”

 Spending the holidays without one’s family is a challenge that every lone soldier faces. Chayal el Chayal offers the opportunity to spend each Holiday with over sixty lone soldiers in a warm, close-knit environment, with delicious homemade food, singing and meaningful discussions. It gives them a chance to reconnect and recharge even though their family and friends may be thousands of miles away.

Rather than bringing on melancholy, holidays bring the lone soldiers an array of exciting and joyous programs – through Chayal El Chayal.  Building Sukkah, going on Chol Hamoed outings, delivering Menorahs, doughnuts and dreidels for Chanukah.  Megillah readings and gift baskets on and off base during Purim, enjoying a family-style Seder together on Pesach and much more. We go the extra mile to ensure that every single soldier feels the spirit of all our wonderful holidays.

Holiday Programs

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