Teen Program

9th to 12th Grade

Hey Teens!

This Purim, while we’re celebrating with family and friends, enjoying the treats and festive atmosphere, there are hundreds of IDF soldiers on base protecting our country.

Show them that you care.

Write a letter to a soldier entitled, “What the IDF Soldiers Mean to Me” and see the smiles on their faces!

The Rules:


Both girls and boys, grades 9-12, can either write a letter or an essay to a soldier on What the IDF Soldiers Mean to Me, on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper. Please make sure the paper is signed with the first and last name and where they’re from.

All teens that submit an entry will be entered into a raffle which will take place on Purim. The raffle will be picked by a lone soldier and videoed. 1 winner will be picked and posted on our Facebook page. We will only honor the entries that we’ve received.

We are asking that the teenagers not attach any items to the paper. Being that these papers are being divided among hundreds of soldiers, we cannot guarantee any specific paper will end up in a specific division/unit.

All entries should be mailed to The Purim Project, 153/19 Yaffo St. Jerusalem, Israel 9434247 or emailed to purim@idfls.org Subject: IDF Purim Project.

All entries mailed in need to be sent in by March 4th. Emails will be accepted until March 10th.



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