Make an IDF soldier smile this Purim.

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What is the IDF Purim Project?


The IDF Purim Project is an initiative of Chayal el Chayal to unite children, teens and adults from around the world by sending Mishloach Manot (traditional Purim gift baskets) to soldiers on base across Israel.

You can put a smile on the faces of hundreds of IDF soldiers.

Make a difference.

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What the soldiers are saying


“It really made my Chag to have snacks delivered while I was on duty.”

Josh Kurzer, London UK

“Thank you so much for sending Mishloach Manot on Purim. It really lifted the spirits of everyone in my company that was on base.”

Aaron Shakib, Miami FL

“When I saw the Mishloach Manot, I thought ‘Woah! An energy drink, soup, chocolate and so many other snacks… I can get used to this!”

Asher Meisels, Toronto CA

“Thank you so much for the Mishloach Manot. It’s so nice to know people are thinking about us from so far away.”

Astrid Cortez, Chandler AZ

“It made spending Purim on base so much easier.”

Zevi Sufrin, Brooklyn NY

“Thank you so much for making me feel that it was Purim. Without you it would have just been like any other day of the week.”

Zalmy Plotke, Los Angeles CA

“It really shows that people care about us and give support for what we do. It means a lot to me, thank you!”

Isaac Burnhart, Chicago IL

“I felt like my parents came to visit me, you don’t understand how excited I was… My Mifaked [commander] started yelling at me but I didn’t care!”

Jonathan Chaim, Queens NY


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