β€œChayal el Chayal is a place that I can call home; where a soldier can always find a listening ear and a home cooked meal.”

Zushi G.



β€œYou can’t choose your family, but I chose Chayal el Chayal.”

Simcha B.



β€œComing to Chayal el Chayal was like having my family with me in Israel, not having to worry about having a top notch meal every Shabbos.”

Menachem F.


β€œThe inspiration derived from a Shabbos at Chayal el Chayal has helped me through countless rough times.”

Chaim R.



β€œWith every new draft, this family keeps growing.”

Lazer M.



β€œThe meals have significantly enhanced my overall army experience despite not having family in Israel.”

Shmuel M.

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